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You can also fit liquid cooling radiators that are up to 280mm long in this case, too, so if you want to put a high-end AIO cooler in it, or put custom liquid cooling inside of it, you should be able to do so. If you’re looking for a cube-style case, one option you have is the Fractal Design Node 804. The Node 804 provides an all-black minimalistic design and style making it a great choice for gamers or experts who don’t want the particular over-the-top look that some instances come with. Where this particular case stands apart is how a lot clearance for graphics credit cards and CPU coolers this offers (at least, within comparison to other similarly-price options). You can match graphics cards as lengthy as 12. 4″ plus CPU coolers as high as 6. 1″ inside this case.

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Both associated with those figures are sufficient to accommodate high-end movie cards and CPU chillers. So, the bottom collection is that when you are usually looking for a nice looking micro-ATX case that provides plenty of room to be able to house a high-end create, the P6 is well worth considering. For our decide on for the micro-ATX condition that offers the finest value for the price, we all chose the Antec Efficiency Series P6.

You can sometimes fit dual 240mm radiators on top panel of typically the case, too. Overall, typically the H400i is one regarding the best smaller form-factor cases out there period, permit alone one of typically the best micro-ATX cases.

One disadvantage of the Level something like 20 VT, though, is of which it costs more as opposed to the way all of the additional cube-style cases on this specific list and it does not necessarily offer as much air movement for instance an of the other alternatives on this list. Typically the case has a great deal of room inside regarding it with support regarding graphics cards which can be upward to 13. 8″ lengthy and CPU coolers which are up to 7. 3″ tall. Both of all those represent enough clearance in order to allow for pretty a lot any graphics card or even air CPU cooler presently in the marketplace. The case furthermore has a ton associated with support for liquid chilling too with room with regard to up to 280mm lengthy radiators.

So, you shouldn’t have any problems finding a video card or cooler that will fit inside of this case. For us, the main downfall of the Node 804, though, is its price. Compared to other cube-style cases on this specific list, the Node 804 comes in at any where from ~$35-$65 more expensive. On the other hand, should you be a bit additional budget conscious, mg slot you may want to verify out the other cube-style micro-ATX cases listed previously mentioned or below. The Client 804 also provides adequate room and clearance regarding users to be in a position to create a high-end method inside of at the same time. That comes with support for about 12. 6″ long graphics cards and up to 6. 3″ tall CPU coolers.

As a result, if you’re buying reliable mATX case and you possess a budget that may support the H400i, it might in least be worth contemplating. The table below signifies our top selections with regard to the best micro-ATX cases across a range of categories. We’ve chosen what we feel is the best mATX case overall, our runner-up pick, the best cube-style micro-ATX case, the best value pick, and the best budget-friendly option. We rated, reviewed, & compared 11 of the best micro-ATX cases across various budgets.